Typing Games

Typing Games: FunTech for Play and Learning

Typing will continue to play a significant role in our world and it is never a waste of time to learn and acquire good typing skills. Without debating, play is an essential part of existence and everyone get involved at one point or the other. In the computer era, it is essential that, most especially kids or even adults have good typing speed and skills which can be gained in a playful way with the aid of typing games. To most kids and even adults, typing is viewed to be a repetitive, monotonous and boring task. With the typing games, they can perceive typing lessons positively and engage in it in a playful manner. Typing games are basically aimed at measuring typing and learning progress. It is utilized as an evaluation tool to check the level of typing skill. Typing skills program are usually game oriented to keep the learning fun and playful.

Benefits of Typing Games

Typing games are a great way to learn typing efficiently and effectively. These are the benefits of typing games:
Harnessing creativity: keyboard/ typing games aid and improve creativity in kids or those who want to improve their typing skills. Having fast and accurate typing speed and skill gives a huge leverage to creativity in jobs such as data entry, communication, digital marketing and so on. It enables the ability to ask questions and make predictions.
Healthy and constructive competition: kids/adult can spend their time on typing games rather than spend their on social networking sites. These games are highly engaging and grab attention with the introduction of a challenge. The player is motivated to develop their typing skills on each level of the game and there is room for improvement as the game become more challenging and rewarding. This is beneficial to learning. It develops the mentality of continuous development, improvement and keeps them motivated throughout the typing learning process.
Hand-eye coordination: typing games enable kids to work more quickly because they do not have to monitor their hand movement or their finger tips to find the right character to click which in turn promote correct positioning of the fingers for efficiency. This ensures efficient coordination and concentration in getting their ideas out working on a project.
High intellectual enrichment: Typing games develop the brain as it aid words identification, power and fast thinking, pronunciation skills, image processing, as well decision making ability. These skills engage the various cognitive aspect of the brain as a motor activity and ensure focus, consciousness/awareness of the words typed. It is a great way to improve English skills, spellings and have a command n the written words.
Healthy lifestyle: Typing games and correct typing have health benefits such as proper posture, reduce the risks of repetitive strain injury, reduce lower back pain; equip with sustainable habits that helps to keep healthy and efficient.

The Ground rules

Playing the typing games is a critical teaching and learning tool. It is an important personal and professional skill that can be beneficial in the classroom and in the professional world.

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