Dance Mat Typing Level 4 – Stage 10 Game


Focuses on the two remaining letters in the bottom row, which are X, Z, and also the ‘ (apostrophe). This stage will then finish all the letters so the review is necessary to ensure that you are ready to learn about the last remaining letters to move on to punctuation marks.
After you have the home row, top row, and the letters of the bottom row tackled in Level 3 understood nicely, the game will teach you how to use the X, Z, and ‘ keys. To use the Z, we use the finger that rests on the a key on home row, i.e. the pinky. Your left hand’s pinky presses three letters then: A, Q, and Z.
For x, we use the finger that rests on s, above x. This is the ring finger of your left hand, which now uses three keys: s, w, and x. For the apostrophe, the game teaches you how you use your right hand’s pinky to move to the right and hit the ‘ key.
The little finger of your right hand now hits the semi colon, the p key and the ‘ key. Check the smashed plates at the bottom of the game to see your progress.

How to play :

Use keyboard to type letters.

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