Dance Mat Typing Level 1 – Stage 2 Game


Keys: e, i
stage 2 takes you through to help you understand how to efficiently use two of the vowel, e and i.
It begins with a brief review of typing on the home row and then gradually helps the user understand how to hit the e and i keys without removing their hands from the home row. The e key is operated by your left hand and the i is hit with your right.
Your finger that is resting upon d moves from its position to hit e whenever it is needed. Similarly, the finger that rests on k moves from k to i whenever necessary. It is like shifting your fingers from f to g and j to h in Stage 1. Like Stage 1, this Stage takes the user through several easy, medium and hard tests of getting used to typing words with the letters e and i included.

How to play :

Use keyboard to type words.

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