Road Rush Typing Game


Road Rush is one of the best adrenaline-rushing Keyboading Games that helps you enhance your typing skills with loads of fun.
Playing the Road Rush game is pretty much fun and easy as all you need to do is select your racing character and choose the number of letters in which the words need to appear in the game. Once you are all set, click Play and the fun begins. Words appear on the screen and you need to type in the word quickly, and each keystroke will give your racer the necessary fuel to move forward. So, boost your bike speed with every keystroke. This fun typing race game will keep you on your toes throughout and heave a sigh of relief when you reach the final destination. Remember, the only way to move forward your racer is through your keystrokes only. Hence, the faster you type, the faster your racer moves ahead in the track. The game also displays the words per minute (wpm) and an iconic view of the racers on top of the screen. Players also have the option to pause the game and the game audio as well.

How to play :

Use keyboard to type letters.

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