Boat Rush Typing Game


Do you want to enhance your typing skills through an adrenaline-pumping boat race game? Then get ready to become a boat racing champ with this Boat Rush game. This amazing boat racing game features realistic boats with stunning sound effects.
Loosen up your fingers as you’ll need to use them effectively now. Watch the screen for the changing keys and use the keyboard to move your boat left and right accordingly. One bad move will end your game and you will need to restart it again. Hence, keep your concentration completely on the game and help your boat rider reach the finish line in a quick time. If you are an adventurer then why not try the insane level to have unlimited fun.
The gameplay involves avoiding the rocks to prevent damaging your boat and collect coins on the way. When you start the game, you will be presented with four options: Home row, Top Row, Bottom Row, and All Row. Once you select the row options, you need to select the difficulty level (easy, medium, hard, and insane).
Play the game to have fun and also develop your touch typing skills as well.

How to play :

Use Keyboard to type letters.

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