Dance Mat Typing Level 2 – Stage 5 Game


Keys: w and o.
After you have learned how to use the home row keys and many from the top row, it is time to get perfect at the top row by getting used to the remaining four keys. In this stage we take two from the remaining four, which are w and o.
The game warms up with a very brief review of the home row letters and then a good review about the previous Stage 4’s keys, t and y. It is essential to remember how to use these past keys in order to get ahead in . After you have gone through the reviews, the main keys of w and o are focused on in this Stage.
The w key is used by your left hand and the o key is used by your right. Similar to why we used our middle fingers for e and i, for w and o we use our ring fingers that are resting upon s and l respectively.

How to play :

Use keyboard to type words.

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