Hacker Vs Robots Typing Game


Hacker vs Robots is an awesome typing game in which you work as a hacker with a mission to destroy all the invading robots. During each level you will encounter a range of different robots including spiders, flying robots and walkers. To destroy the robots using your missiles you must type the correct word or letter. As each robot approaches a word or letter will appear above their body – you must type the same letter or word to fire a missile at it!

You only have four lives and if you type a phrase incorrectly you will lose one life so type carefully but quickly! There are 5 different levels in total, each of which identifies the robots with a different type of character. The categories are Words, Numbers, Nonalphanumeric, Code and Everything. This game really does challenge your attention to detail and typing skills – how fast are your fingers? Can you defeat the robots?

How to play :

Use keyboard to type letters.

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